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Employee needs and expectations have changed. Pressure to deliver results is high and so are the cases of employee burnout. The answer to enable the achievement of radically successful results on what matters most in a consistent manner is to create great workplace cultures so individuals and organizations can thrive together.

Many leaders think  that an organization must be either people-focused or high performing. Research on organizations with great cultures demonstrates a clear ROI proving what’s good for people is good for the business.

Ghaya Al Barwani helps organizations and teams maximize their return on investment by allowing the organizational leadership and teams to identify people-centric opportunities that encourage new ways of working that are rapidly adopted by the organization and teams.

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Organizational Culture Alignment Solutions

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Peter Drucker
  • Organizational culture is not just values and behaviors! It is built on employee needs and experience. Ghaya Al Barwani offers a research driven and empirically validated way of measuring your culture reviewing Basic Needs,  Belonging Needs and Growth Needs of employees
  • Data is a great starting point, many organizations suffer from analysis paralysis. Ghaya Al Barwani is a Certified Executive Culture Coach who can support the leadership team develop rolling action plans to build the culture that will enable the consistent delivery of radically successful RESULTS with heart.
  • Consultation, training and coaching solutions offered based on the needs identified needs and agreed solutions that fit your organization’s need and budget.
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Team Development and Alignment Solutions

80% of organizations operate almost wholly in teams

Prof. David Clutterbuck
  • The days of the heroic leader are fading; now is the time for the heroic team.
  • There are 6 conditions that account for up to 80% of team effectiveness – Ghaya Al Barwani offers a research driven and empirically validated way to measure your team’s effectiveness so you can take action to enhance your team’s performance based on these conditions.
  • Data is a great starting point. Once you have it you can start making the necessary changes in the team based on what matters most to the team so that it can consistently deliver radically successful RESULTS with heart, that develop and grow.
  • Consultation, Team Facilitation, Training and Coaching Sessions offered based on identified needs and agreements.
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Leadership Development and Alignment Solutions

Leadership development focuses on whole-person growth

Harvard Business Review
  • Organizational Culture and Team Alignment are only as strong as the leadership that empowers it.
  • The development of the whole person is key to cultivating the broad capabilities, such as self-awareness or resilience, that are necessary to enable leaders to adapt to dynamic, evolving challenges.
  • Let’s discuss your needs to develop with the best customized solution that fits your organizational needs. From leading as a coach to financial decision-making skills. From personal Mental Fitness and Wellbeing solutions to leading with compassion and empathy. Your employees, your leaders and your bottom line will thank you.
  • Consultation, Group Mentoring and Coaching, Training and 1:1 Coaching solutions are offered based on your needs.

As a Certified Executive Culture Coach by Maslow Leadership, Ghaya offers Culture Actualization Index Assessment to measure the employees needs and experience.

Consultation, training and coaching solutions are offered to ensure that the leadership implements the agreed commitments in order to demonstrate their alignment with the stated culture. This facilitates and speeds up the change within the organization

Ghaya is a Credentialed Coach by ICF (PCC – Professional Certified Coach) and ACTC (Advanced Certificate in Team Coaching).

PCC is awarded to coaches with over 125 hours of Coach Specific Training and over 500 hours of Coaching Experience.

ACTC is awarded to coaches with over 30 hours of Team Coaching Specific Training and experience with 10 teams OR 60 hours of Team Coaching Specific Training and experience with 5 teams. (Ghaya qualifies under both criteria)

Executive and Leadership Training, Coaching and Facilitation

Years of Experience: 25+

Industry Sector Financial Sector, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Consultancy, Health, Government, Non-Profit

Participants Level: All levels – Specialization Mid to Senior Management + Coaching Services for C-Suite Executives

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