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Ghaya Al Barwani – Ambitions Ambassador & RESULTS Whisperer

Ghaya Al Barwani, MCC, ACTC, CMC, MBA (Fin) is a Gypsy, Bedouin, Islander in a Suit. She is not your typical master certified coach or your typical advanced certificate in team coaching credential holder. With over 25 years of experience in business development and management, financial planning and people management before becoming a coach, she brings a wealth of expertise to her clients.

As a business and executive coach, communication specialist, motivational speaker, and coach mentor and supervisor, Ghaya has collaborated with top leaders and coaches in the region and beyond to achieve outstanding results in the business world.

Through her unique approach, Ghaya has helped organizations, team and executives embrace the changes and challenges they face and thrive! Her proven methods focus on enhancing revenue and performance in the face of the changes and challenges they are facing, while creating systems that enable delivering them with empathy, compassion, ease and joy! Whether it’s improving the bottom line, increasing productivity, or achieving personal growth, Ghaya’s coaching expertise can help you unlock your true potential as a leader and executive enabling you to achieve radically successful results on what matters most with heart.

With a passion for helping organizations, teams and executives achieve business and performance success beyond what they’ve envisioned, Ghaya has established herself as a respected figure in the coaching industry. She has worked with executives and teams across various industries, helping them to exceed their goals and realize their dreams. If you’re looking for a professional coach who can help you take your organization, team and ambitions to the next level, Ghaya Al Barwani is the one to call.

Leadership – Strategy into Action

Ghaya has served on the Board on ICF Oman Chapter in various roles culminating in her role as President. She ended her career as the Chief Learning Officer of ahlibank in Oman after having served in various leadership roles in ahlibank, Bank Muscat, Shell Oman Marketing and Citibank. She always jokes that her two major roles in Business Development and Management have been: “Designing the terms and conditions behind the asterix ‘*’ you see in the glossy advertisements AND incubation specialist” Her superpower come in setting up, negotiating, influencing, managing and driving new initiatives until they are on their feet. Then allowing them to sail confidently into sustainable and long-lasting success. She understands the turbulence of change, differing priorities and conflicting view points; her personal experience and her work with executives and teams have allowed her to develop systems, criteria and metrics that allow for swift and “failure-proof” decision making and consensus building. That is why she is known as the “Ambitions Ambassador” and “RESULTS Whisperer” – she lived it, loved it, made it and now supports organizations, teams and executives fulfill their ambitions and achieve radically successful results with heart by:

  • Making business and strategic planning activities a top priority.
  • Incorporating effective systems and work habits into day-to-day business activities.
  • Providing motivation and accountability to create action in alignment with professional goals and planning objectives.
  • Identifying and determining methods of overcoming challenges and areas of self-sabotage.

Regardless of the industry, core leadership and business development skills remain the same. It is her passion to convey those skills and help others excel in their careers and business endeavors.

In every area of her business and life, Ghaya’s passion and commitment for both the outer and the inner fulfillment is evident. With her joyful style and her commitment to living by her own values, vision and purpose, Ghaya is a strong support for leaders, teams and executives who want to increase their impact and performance which achieving success with ease and joy.

Personal Life

Ghaya is an Omani, who lived her formative years in the United Arab Emirates before going to the United Kingdom for University. She loves saying that all her professional accolades fade next to being a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. She cannot start her morning unless she has spent time with her mother and her coffee; she keeps a track of the time she has with her daughter to the point that she designed “52 First Dates” initiative to build their relationship with one another and stay in touch despite their busy lives. Ghaya enjoys taking time to go camping weather and circumstances permitting and thoroughly enjoys Wadi and Dune bashing. You can often see her on her laptop on the beach on a session with one of her clients virtually and is more than happy to conduct the session on the beach with whoever opts for it.

What People Say

For anyone thinking about working with Ghaya – I tell them go for it; don’t hesitate.

Dr. Ismail Al Rashdi, Senior Consultant Clinical Geneticist – The Royal Hospital Oman

Ghaya has made a significant impact on my personal and professional growth.

Anwar Kassam, Chief Financial Officer – GBP Tanzania Limited

Working with Ghaya was exactly what I needed.

Zainab Allawati, AGM Head of Islamic Corporate Banking, ahlibank (Oman)

Let’s join hands to make your next project and adventure a rousing success!

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