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RESULTS with heart

Have you been derailed from your normal growth trajectory and you want to achieve radically successful results on what matters most in a consistent manner with empathy and compassion for yourself, your team and the community you serve?

Do you want to develop and incorporate the right human and heart centered approach that is right for you, your team and your organization to achieve RESULTS with heart irrespective of market conditions, changing priorities and whirlwinds that face you?

Ghaya Al Barwani supports Organizations, Teams and Leaders develop and ingrain the strategies, metrics and systems to achieve their ambitions after getting derailed – FASTER, while maintaining it for LONGER and in a MORE SUSTAINABLE manner that is CONTINUOUSLY improving. All this and more with ease, empathy, compassion and joy…

Solutions On Offer


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Organizational Solutions


Organizational Experience

Organizations are faced with unpredictable challenges, stakeholders that continue demanding the best AND a workforce that seems to be more fragile than the one that left before the pandemic. Organizational restructuring, digital transformation and so many factors impact the morale of employees who are expected to deliver on the organization’s promised bottom line. Not only that – they are the driving force for improving on them as well. You want a solution that works and lasts.

Ghaya Al Barwani is a RESULTS Whisperer. She offers tailor-made solutions to organizations so that they can incorporate the human-centric metrics and systems that inspire the leadership, the teams and the individual employees. These solutions will enable you to develop your own systems to drive, manage, maintain and consistently deliver the performance driven results expected from your key stakeholders as you inspire and develop your people:

  • Organizational Culture Alignment
  • Team Development and Alignment
  • Leadership Development and Alignment
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Organizational solutions that resulted in:

  • Improved Psychological Safety by 40% in 6 Weeks
  • Improved Team Productivity of 80% in 6 months
  • Raising over USD 10Mio of donations and investments in 6 months
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Ambitious Process & Divisional Owners

(Individual Solutions)

Ambitious Executive Leadership

You are an ambitious divisional owner or process owner at the top of your game. Something has changed and you don’t know how to get back on track. Whether the change was a positive one that you worked for or one that was imposed on you, the results is the same: a blip in your performance. You are looking to get back to the ambitious leader you know you are and achieve RESULTS with heart FASTER and more EFFECTIVELY for yourself, your team and your organization.

Ghaya Al Barwani is an Ambitions Ambassador who helps leaders facing a new challenge embrace their superpowers so that they can deliver radically successful results with heart. Solutions on offer:

Ambitious Executives and Leaders were able to:

  • Deliver over 1000% ROI for the organization they were working with
  • Gain 300% in Personal ROI from the time saved + additional income generated as a result of Bonuses and Promotions
  • 90% reported greater confidence, lower stress levels and better sleep
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Executive to Entrepreneur

(Individual Solutions)

The Closet Entrepreneur

You are a successful executive, you are doing well and enjoy your work. You also know you want to be an entrepreneur. Whether you are looking to start a business and are looking to get clear on your business idea, or you have already started your side business and are feeling stuck.

Ghaya Al Barwani is the Ambitions Ambassador that will provide you with a shortcut to help you figure out exactly what you’re here to do, and how to get started doing it. Ghaya helps executives embrace the inner entrepreneur by developing the right business idea that is both personally fulfilling and financially profitable so that they can accept the superheroes they are and live their truth. She also supports them in the process of managing the business and job until they are ready to embrace the true superhero entrepreneur that is inside them.

Executives looking into Entrepreneurship were able to:

  • Decide on a business that is personally fulfilling and the they know will be financially rewarding
  • Build their side hustle into a profitable business AND excel in the organization they are with
  • Plan, when and how they will move into their business full-time AND do it!

RESULTS with heart

Ghaya Al Barwani – Ambitions ambassador & RESULTS WHISPERER

RESULTS with heart is Ghaya Al Barwani’s superpower and signature program. Allowing organizations, teams and executives to develop, deliver and continuously improve on their OKRs and KPIs with empathy and compassion for themselves and the organizations they serve.