Ambitious Process & Divisional Owner

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Ambitious Process & Divisional Owner

Helping leaders and executives who own their roles and careers overcome the doubt and hesitation brought about by change or feeling stuck in a rut. So they can, reclaim their genius and superpowers and achieve radically successful results on what matters most with empathy and compassion for themselves and the communities they serve!

This way they can actually look forward to walking out at the end of the day and week, knowing that they have progressed on the key performance metrics with energy and time to spare for a little fun as well!

  • Are you a successful executive at the top of your game and just seem to be unable to deliver the way you used to?
  • Are you tired of the stop and start in business performance that comes from having so many conflicting priorities within the organization and your team?
  • Are you frustrated by the number of times you have found yourself thinking about work while you are taking a shower? (Unless you are a lawyer and that counts towards your billables – that is not a good situation)
  • Are you tired of looking at Instagram posts that show how much fun your loved ones, friends, colleagues are having while you are busy at work?
  • Are working to implement a new system, change, policy within the team or organization and you just don’t know how to get the necessary buy in?
  • Are you thinking of your next career step and don’t know how to get there with your sanity intact?
  • Are you tired of the “work-life” choices you are making?
  • Are you going through a big change in your career or personal life and can’t seem to muster the drive you’ve always had?

If your answer to all those questions is NO – Congratulations!!!! You are doing an amazing job!

If your answer is yes to any of those questionsLet’s connect

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RESULTS with heart Comparison

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Ghaya Al Barwani has been where you are and truly understands the pressures of working to successfully deliver the radically successful results expected of you as a leader; the pressures of having to deliver it continuously, consistently and improve Contacton it. She understands the conflicts of priorities, opinions and points of view that you face as a leader… She has supported so many leaders go through it and come out of it with joy in their heart and a bounce in their step… And actually looking forward to going into work every day knowing that they can handle any conflict, any differences in opinions and priorities with ease and joy…

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