RESULTS with heart Accelerator

1:1 – 6-week Intensive Program where you can build the transformational mental habits that will allow you to shift the balance in your mind and habits to regain your confidence as a leader and executive and take charge of the results you deliver and your life again.

Are you ready to boost your performance, improve your wellbeing, strengthen relationships and achieve your goals faster than you thought possible?

In Just 6 Weeks – Participants Reported:

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Boost In Performance

90% Use Mental and Emotional Energy More Effectively

76% Improved Ability to Develop Others

92% Better at Teamwork

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Improved Well-Being

85% Increase in Happiness

91% Manage Stress Better

83% Improve Self-Confidence

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Strengthened Relations

82% Improve Relationships

84% Better at Conflict Management

97% Improve Empathy


  • You have a tendency to psych yourself out, use negative self-talk or always seem to have a negative spin on things.
  • Get emotionally triggered, frustrated and upset on a regular basis
  • Have trouble making commitments and sticking to them
  • Get stuck in “I don’t know”s
  • Do everything in the organization or team and are overwhelmed.
  • Feel “stuck” in your work, not moving forward, or perhaps even falling behind.
  • Are tired of your chosen career and profession being a constant drain to your personal time and energy.
  • Have a myriad of ideas but don’t know how to prioritize them or where to begin.
  • Need help balancing the desire to be of service to your team and others in the organization with running a high-performing team and organization.
  • Feel alone, lacking support or accountability

Is this you? Let’s talk


Imagine living in a world where you can confidently deliver results with empathy and compassion for yourself and the people around you. Imagine seeing the trouble brewing around you and having the confidence that you can handle it with ease and your temper in tact.

With the RESULTS with heart Quick Start Program, you will work one-to-one with an experienced, certified executive and team coach. Together we will:

  • Clarify your ideal vision for yourself, your life and your work,
  • Complete an assessment of all aspects of your professional and personal life, and,
  • Learn to recognize the self-sabotaging behavioral patterns within a few weeks with minimal time commitment (15 minutes a day) and convert them into concrete and focused decisiveness.
  • Create the true transformation that comes once you have consciously dealt with your limiting beliefs, your mind blocks and excuses.
  • Choose the path that inspires you based on your strengths, your talents and your experience which allows you to;
  • Focus on those actions that make you so boundlessly successful and inspire your environment!
  • Achieve your goals faster and with greater ease.

By the end of their RESULTS with heart Accelerator Program clients are relieved to know that they can handle anything that comes their way. They actually look forward to the challenges ahead with the confidence that they have the mental fitness and capability to manage whatever comes their way.

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