RESULTS with heart Strategy Retreat

A one-to-one intensive where a Leader, Manager or Executive transforms ideas into actionable plans, systems, and habits.

Are you ready to get your professional and personal life “unstuck”, see it with fresh eyes, and achieve your goals faster than you thought possible?


  • Do everything in the organization or team and are overwhelmed.
  • Are caught up in the day-to-day activities of your work with little time for  the “big picture.”
  • Feel “stuck” in your work, not moving forward, or perhaps even falling behind.
  • Are tired of your organization, team and responsibilities being a constant drain to your personal time and energy.
  • Have a myriad of ideas but don’t know how to prioritize them or where to begin.
  • Need help balancing the desire to be of service to your team and others in the organization with running a high-performing team and organization.
  • Feel alone, lacking support or accountability

Is this you? LET’S TALK

Did you know that:


Imagine a full day devoted entirely to YOU, your professional and personal life. Collaborating in peace in order create your own success plan.

With the RESULTS with heart Strategy Retreat, you will work one-to-one with an experienced, certified executive and team coach. Together we will:

Clarify your ideal vision for your work,

Complete an assessment of all aspects of your professional and personal life, and,

Create a detailed, timeline-driven action plan that moves you and your team forward with confidence.

Achieve your goals faster and with greater ease.

By the end of their RESULTS with heart Strategy Retreat, clients are relieved to know exactly what they will be working on quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month, week-by-week, and (YES!) even day-by-day.

During your RESULTS with heart Strategy Retreat, we will determine key metrics in your life and you will learn how to monitor your progress using these going forward.

Ongoing accountability and resources.

You will receive two full months of coaching support and guidance following your planning day.

You will be provided with tools and techniques for keeping yourself motivated, productive, and accountable long after the program is complete.


To get started, you will complete a pre-session questionnaire to help you focus on your top priorities for your RESULTS with heart Strategy Retreat.

We will meet for a full-day*, diving into a one-on-one intensive analysis of all aspects of your professional and personal life and priorities.

* Five hours, either in-person in Muscat or virtually via Zoom.

Together we will create your one-year strategic plan along with a timeline and detailed action steps for the upcoming quarter.

At the close of your retreat, you leave with:

  • An action step checklist for the upcoming three-month period 
  • Customized checklists, templates and a key metrics tracker
  • Copies of materials created throughout the day including flipcharts or e-whiteboards

After your retreat:

  • For additional accountability, resources, and guidance, for 60 days following your retreat, you will receive two (2) coaching sessions, unlimited email support, and review of relevant materials.
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