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One-to-one coaching program where you – a Successful Executive Leader – transform ideas into actionable plans, systems, and habits and receive ongoing support, accountability and resources.

  • Are you ready to get your professional and personal life “unstuck”, see it with fresh eyes, and achieve your goals faster than you thought possible?
  • Are you ready to take your professional and personal life from fuzzy and driven by others’ blurred visions to focused, streamlined and managed by you?
  • Are you ready to achieve your goals faster and with greater ease, one quarter at a time?


  • Are usually on top of your game and somehow cannot gain the momentum, traction, buy-in or inner motivation to deliver the way you know you can.
  • Create a growth plan for your team, department or organization but quickly find yourself falling off track.
  • Feel like a team leader, team member and individual contributor all rolled up into one and feel the overwhelming pressure to make the “right” decisions.
  • Are caught up in the day-to-day activities of your work with little time for the“big picture.”
  • Feel “stuck” in your work, not moving forward, or perhaps even falling behind.
  • Are tired of your work being a constant drain on your personal time and energy.
  • Have a myriad of ideas but don’t know how to prioritize them or where to begin.
  • Need help balancing the desire to be of service to those around you with running a efficient and effective team and division.
  • Feel alone, lacking support or accountability.

Is this you? Let’s talk

Did you know?


RESULTS with heart Premium coaching programs begin with a plan. Imagine an extended kickoff session devoted entirely to YOU, your team and your organization. Collaborating in peace. 

With the RESULTS with heart Programs’ Kickoff Session, you will work one-to-one with an experienced, certified executive and team coach. Together we will:

  • Clarify your ideal vision for your life and your work,
  • Complete an assessment of all aspects of your team, your division and your life, and,
  • Create a detailed, timeline-driven action plan that moves you and your division forward with confidence.
  • Ensure that you leave feeling confident in your ability to deliver on your commitments and responsibilities with ease.
  • Achieve your goals faster and with greater ease.

By the end of their Kickoff Sessions, clients are relieved to know exactly what they will be working on quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month, week-by-week, and (YES!) even day-by-day.

Ongoing accountability and resources.

To provide critical ongoing support, accountability and resources, you will receive:

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited email/ text support
  • Review of relevant materials

Are you ready to get started?

Get clear on the vision for your team, division and life; create a detailed plan to achieve your goals 30-50% faster! Establish new success habits and achieve true transformation in your professional and personal life as you ingrain best practices for long-term success in your life.

Results you can expect from the program:

  • 📈 PERFORMANCE ACCELERATION – as you gain clarity on what activities you need to implement consistently each quarter, month, week, and even day to grow your division. (and tools to keep you accountable)
  • 💪 PRACTICAL SUPPORT – Developing your habits, skills and outlook through proven tools, techniques and resources so you can spend more time on what matters most to your success.
  • 💪PEAK PERSONAL MANAGEMENT – by ensuring your self-management keeps you motivated, productive and focused on the right activities to improve your work (and your life)


To get started, you will complete a pre-session questionnaire to help you focus on your top priorities for your Kickoff Session.

We will meet for a 90-minute session to dive into a one-on-one intensive analysis of all aspects of your team, division and life.

Together we will create your one-year strategic plan along with a timeline and detailed action steps for the upcoming quarter.

  • At the close of your kickoff session, you leave with:
  • An action step checklist for the upcoming three-month period
  • Customized checklists and templates
  • Copies of materials created throughout the session including flipcharts or e-whiteboards

Ongoing support:

For additional accountability, resources, and guidance, for the next 6 months, you will receive:

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited email/ text support
  • Review of relevant materials
  • 90-minute mid-program reassessment and planning session to update your success plan incorporating new opportunities and ideas occurring since our work together began.

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