Feeling Impatient? Breathe and Become Free

Are feeling overwhelmed, tired and exhausted, even though things seem to be looking up and changing? Do you have a lot on your plate? Do you feel: “Surely, I should be used to it by now?” I am here to say it’s OK.

Stop – focus on your body… How are you feeling when you are questioning yourself? Where are you feeling it? What are your thoughts and behaviors?

Now that you are aware of what is going on inside you. Take a deep breath and manage the thoughts and feelings so you can manage the behaviors. Accept them and work on changing them.

Now… Ask yourself… Is there anything I can do to change the situation without making matters worse for myself or others? – If the answer is “No” then find the “good” in the situation. Redirect the focus on something pleasant or interesting in the situation. For me I “find the funny”. If the answer is “Yes” then find the best way to change things for all those involved with understanding and patience for all those involved…

If you want help and support regaining the harmony in your life, please feel free to contact me for more information on how we can work together.


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