Fearful to Hopeful

The first step of moving from fearful to hopeful involves moving from being afraid to being a person who is experiencing fear. In order to to that, we need to be aware of the fear and observe it so that we can move beyond it. How do we take this first step to being a person who experiences the fear rather than a person who is afraid? First we identify the true fear, then we get curious with it. This will enable us to work on an action plan to overcome it.

To identify the fear we must answer the question: “What exactly are we afraid of?” “Are we really afraid of public speaking or the humiliation of forgetting our lines and losing our credibility?” “Are we really afraid of working from home for a longer period of time or are we afraid of losing the relationships we have built over the years?” “Are we truly afraid of the pandemic or the illusion of losing control that the pandemic has brought?” – Identifying the true fear involves going through the pictures and thoughts that run through your head and observing what you are truly afraid of.

Once you have identified the true fear, take time to get curious with it. What thoughts generate the fear? Is it when you are all alone or surrounded by people? Is it late at night or when you finish with another conversation with a specific person? Where do you feel the fear? How do you react to it? What color and size does the fear have? Just the act of observing the fear will enable you to have the tools to help you manage it.

The act of observing the fear by identifying its true source and getting curious with it will enable you to center yourself in the now and enable you to recognize it for what it truly is and how it comes about. This will give you the tools to build an action plan to help you manage, minimize, control and overcome the fear and move from fearful to hopeful.

Here is a video where I talk about it: https://youtu.be/JKST7oCcrH8

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