Find “Meaning” In Crisis – Set Your Legacy

The crisis came, hit you like a ton of bricks and although the grief of it remains, you are living your daily life managing the crisis. Post Traumatic Growth Research has found that finding “meaning” within helps people integrate the crisis and move to the new norm. Here are a few tools to help you find meaning during crisis.

  1. Set your priorities for the crisis. Priorities are not goals, these are your internal aspirations for the crisis. Do you want to maintain connections, be transparent or live with integrity? This helps you cut through the noise and make decisions that are in line with who you are and who you want to be.
  2. Establish small reminders to quiet your internal noise; these could be little post its around your home, setting your passwords as little mantras (Calm, Peace etc) or alarms on your phone to remind you to breathe.
  3. Target your prayers and meditation. Be specific in your prayers and manifestations; instead of “God get me out of this mess.” be specific “God I want the focus to get through this meeting with focus and peace.” Instead of general meditation to quiet your mind, have a guided meditation or a mantra to help you get into the meditative state.
  4. Learn something new, get creative, journal, mind map. Get yourself busy with the business of living, experiencing and documenting the good that is there in life.

For help and support on your journey to find harmony and be the leader and change agent you are – feel free to contact me or book an appointment.

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