Get Inspired & Not Imprisoned in Times of Crisis

Psychological research over the past three decades of military personnel, company employees and people overcoming trauma have demonstrated that about 1 in 3 people get inspired during crisis and thrive, instead of getting imprisoned by the trauma or crisis merely surviving it. What distinguishes this one third of the population from the rest of us?

Well while most of us focus on what went wrong, what we did to deserve this trauma and crisis or how to get back to the good old days, thus staying imprisoned by the trauma – THEY focus on what they can take responsibility for during the time of crisis helping them adjust much more quickly and step forward!

So how can we help ourselves to become more adaptable?

  1. Taking care of ourselves and our well being is key. Eating healthily, managing our physical activities and managing our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being will help maintain a positive outlook.
  2. Checking and managing our thought patterns so we let go of regrets and thoughts of the good old days, then start looking at meaning in our current life and situation
  3. Practicing mindfulness and enjoying the moment we are in right now also helps us move forward
  4. Finding and living our priorities by answering the simple question – What can I do to make this situation better?

If you want help or support to help you find your own inspiration in life – Click on the following link and book an appointment.

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