Take action and thrive!

The ability to thrive is deeply connected to the actions you take on a daily basis and the structure you embrace!

So what are the actions to be taken?

  1. Revisit your goals – set your targets even higher – No athlete or dancer decides , I just want to be average! They aim for number 1 then at least they are at the top!
  2. Revisit the effort required – did you know that Olympic gymnasts practice 1 jump for 7 hours a day! It is going to take a lot more effort than you think to get there. Focus on improving a little bit every day.
  3. Focus on the journey and the process, let go of the expectations. The ballerinas in the picture just focused on the move – not focusing on what the picture will look like.
  4. Enjoy the moment – practice mindful eating, walking and general moments to unplug and enjoy the stillness
  5. Practice gratitude – good things come to those who are grateful
  6. Dump the “To-Do” List and embrace the “Accomplishments” List – this has a maximum of 3 things that you include in your day that will help you feel the sense of accomplishment

I am a Credentialed Coach and Mentor Coach by the International Coach Federation and a ThetaHealing Master – I specialize in helping people find their harmony so that they can make a positive impact on their business, organization, family, teams and community. Please contact me if you want my support on your journey.

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