Balance: The Right Mindset

Managing your mindset it the key to achieving your vision, your ambitions and your goals with authentic balance – Here are 5 Steps to help you manage your mindset

Mindsets shift and change all the time – It is easy to manage our mindsets when things are going well and according to plan. How can you manage them when things are not? How do you manage them when the “but….” thoughts start coming into the forefront? You know what I mean… “…but it’s too hard”, “…but there is so much suffering in the world right now”, “….but I can’t control anything”

Follow these 5 key steps to help you manage your mindset:

  1. Accept your mindset and thoughts for what they are. Note them down on a piece of paper or in a voice note. Thoughts and mindsets were formed in our minds to help protect us and to solve problems. Think about it, the mindset of “I can only earn the things I love by doing things I hate.” Keeps us safe and secure in well-paying jobs. “It’s too hard…” protects us from over exertion and keeps us in our comfort zone. They have served their purpose, once we accept them we can move to the next step.
  2. Identifying counter mindsets to help shift these thoughts that no longer serve us. So for the examples I gave in the first step… Look at how many people have earned the things they love by doing what they love. How have they made it happen? Whether you are talking about celebrities or people you know. What mind-shift did they make to help them through? Then replace that with “I can have freedom, money and do what I love.” When it comes to “it’s too hard” think of the outcome, isn’t it worth it, look at the progress you have made so far… Isn’t that worth it?
  3. Understand what motivated you to take on the goal you have. What made you decide you want to re-balance your life and live your authentic life? What made it important for you to do this now? Keep a note of your big “whys” so that you can review them when the mindset shifts again.
  4. Realize that motivation and willpower are not enough, the ebb and flow based on how you are feeling and the circumstances around you. They fall by the wayside when you are tired and come out in full-force when you are well-rested and energized. So what does help? Building your self-efficacy (trusting yourself) through building small habits and wins that support your motivation when it wanes. Keep it simple, absolutely tiny and consistent. Celebrate the wins however small when they happen so that you can grow your motivation and willpower muscles and ride the tide.
  5. Get comfortable with setbacks, failures, stumbling blocks and mistakes. As my mom enjoys repeating over and over again… “Rome was not built in a day” There are ups and downs, just learn to roll with the punches. Personally, I keep a little happy jar on my desk that I use to boost my morale when I am down; it has all the little wins I’ve had in it and I take out as many as I want to help me get motivated. Once that is done, I look at the set back and look at what went right, what could have been better and get back to the drawing board and plan my next step.

I am a Corporate and Business Leadership Coach – whose passion is to help change agents like you achieve the authentic balance in their lives in order to make a positive impact in their organizations, families and communities.

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