A clear vision for yourself is a realistic road map for success. This post will provide you with the basic guideline to help you create a clear vision to help you balance your work and family life in times of crisis and beyond.

Linden Tibbets, co-founder and ex-CEO of Automation Services IFTTT stated :”You can’t inspire someone if you can’t articulate your vision.”

This includes inspiring yourself.

So what do you do? Set yourself a vision that is simple and easy to put into action.

How? Follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Be honest and acknowledge what you are going through and where you are right now with yourself, your organization and your family.
  2. What do you want for yourself right now and beyond? Work-life balance? Psychic and physical balance? A balance for the internal and external forces on your time and energy? Make sense of what you want to help you focus on the next step…
  3. The brainstorming and dream process. There is a gap between what you want and where you are right now and the brainstorming process helps trigger the change path within you. Remember there are no limits and judgement in brainstorming and dreams!
  4. Accept yourself and deepen yourself knowledge; what are your skills, your capabilities, your strengths and amazing quirks that make you! Now review your brainstorm ideas and dreams with a new eye and set your realistic ambitions – not too high and not too low!
  5. Work on your implementation – set Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound steps to achieve your ambitions
  6. Walk the talk with integrity!

So there you have it the 6 tips to help you create and implement a clear vision for your goals to achieve work and family balance and become the amazing change agent you are.

Please contact me if you want any help on your journey to clarifying your vision or to update me on your progress. For updates when these blogs are posted just contact us and we will be happy to update you on the same!

With gratitude and love – Ghaya

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