Why think about the legacy you want to leave behind?

Thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind has 4 key benefits for you and your business.

  1. It gives you a sense of purpose, something to aspire to and focus your attention on beyond “What’s In It For Me?”. It builds a long-term foundation for your life, your family and your business
  2. It helps in ethical and responsible decision making to make sure that it benefits all those involved.
  3. Keeps everyone focused on the big picture rather than getting lost and overwhelmed in the minutia. How will this decision, path or action add to the big picture?
  4. Over 20 years of studies have found that organizations with an ethical purpose are more sustainable in the long-term and individuals with a solid sense of purpose are less likely to suffer from cardiac diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

Take the opportunity now to decide the legacy you want to leave behind as an individual, a family member and business owner. Get others involved as well so you can have a complete picture.

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