Get Inspired & Not Imprisoned in Times of Crisis

Psychological research over the past three decades of military personnel, company employees and people overcoming trauma have demonstrated that about 1 in 3 people get inspired during crisis and thrive, instead of getting imprisoned by the trauma or crisis merely surviving it. What distinguishes this one third of the population from the rest of us?Continue reading “Get Inspired & Not Imprisoned in Times of Crisis”

Balance: Create a Vision

A clear vision for yourself is a realistic road map for success. This post will provide you with the basic guideline to help you create a clear vision to help you balance your work and family life in times of crisis and beyond. Linden Tibbets, co-founder and ex-CEO of Automation Services IFTTT stated :”You can’tContinue reading “Balance: Create a Vision”

Balance: Working From Home, Parenting and Teaching

We are living in unique times that most of us have not seen before, people are being asked to work from home and caregivers are being asked to home-school their children. Not that easy when people are not ready for these initiatives. Here are 6 steps to help you navigate the world of working fromContinue reading “Balance: Working From Home, Parenting and Teaching”