Live in Happiness and Success

Stay the course you have set for yourself

Live in Happiness and Success Maintenance Coaching Program is for those clients who have completed the Intensive Happiness program or Happiness and Success Transformation program.

In this 6-month coaching experience you will continue to:

  • Stay aware and mindful of what is working and not working
  • Work on new things, new strategies, new mindsets to maintain your happiness and success
  • Continue to live in alignment with your true purpose and joy!

Here’s how we’ll make that happen:

  • 12 x Bi-Weekly 60-minute one-to-one virtual coaching sessions
  • Unlimited e-mail and WhatsApp access


Let’s get in touch!

Schedule a time by clicking here on my calendar to talk with me about what is happening for you… Together we will determine powerful next steps to move you forward.

Or contact me directly on

I am a Corporate and Business Leadership Coach and Trainer who provides strategy, structure and solutions that equip leaders and their organizations for success. My main focus is partnering with leaders like you, to help them recognize their strengths so they can act with confidence and intention and live their authentic truth.


I am a Bedouin-Gypsy in a Suit

I know the longing of the heart to be free while working in the corporate world, I also know the pragmatic uses of the suit in opening doors for the roaming Bedouin-Gypsy.

Corporate Experience

I have over 20 years of experience in the Corporate World and I have lived an amazing and full life. I have worked for people and have had people report to me; I have experienced having to learn the different languages of IT, Finance, Risk Management, Human Resources, Operations, Business Development, Client Relations and pure simple ABC.

PCC Credentialed ICF Coach and Certified Mentor Coach

I am a Professional Certified Coach, credentialed by ICF, a Certified Mentor Coach as well as a ThetaHealing Practitioner, Instructor and Master.

How I work?

I use a unique combination of Coaching and ThetaHealing based on the client’s needs in the session. This is done with your permission to help align your subconscious patterns and mind with your conscious thoughts, mind and actions to enable spiritual, emotional, mental and physical transformation in your life. You learn to give attention to what you want to improve and change by accessing the vibrant energy of your soul.

Let’s make something together.

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