GET IN-POWER: Holistic Executive Program

A 6-week Group Coaching Program designed to elevate senior leaders from the inside out, to create the momentum for a thriving future

Next Cohort Starts 10th October to 14th November 2021

  • Are you struggling to be an inspirational and comforting leader while continuing to push on performance?
  • Are you struggling to respond to countless questions from managers, clients and the frontline when no clear answers exist?
  • Are you wondering how to maintain your visibility and influence in the organization with limited interaction opportunities?
  • Are you struggling to get your vision into action?
  • Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level for you and the world around you?

If the answer to any of those questions is a “yes” then you are ready to join “Get In-POWER: The Holistic Executive Program” a 6-week program designed to elevate senior leaders from the inside out, to create the momentum for a thriving future.

This live virtual online program is a transformational experience that will take you on a journey of discovery within yourself, your leadership styles and your goals in order to unleash your ultimate power. Thus, you will be better equipped to navigate the many challenges that hinder your progress and performance as a positive change leader in the workplace.


Week 1: Accepting yourself as a leader

Week 2: Energy Management, Courage and Authenticity

Week 3: Developing Your Voice and Influence with Courage and Authenticity

Week 4: Developing as a Leader: What can help you?

Week 5: Creativity and Innovation – Imagine your possibilities as a leader

Week 6: Create Massive Action

  • Deliver bigger results by driving clarity, creativity and competitive edge
  • Awaken self-awareness, explore your values and direction to accept yourself and flourish as a leader
  • Develop meaningful and purposeful goals for yourself and your organization
  • Increase your visibility at work
  • Manage your energy and prevent burn-out and exhaustion
  • Tap into your compassion and empathy; become the positive change agent and leader you are


Deliver Bigger and Better Results

Understand how to drive clarity, creativity and competitive edge

Increase Your Influence

Increase your visibility and understand how to change and enhance the way you are perceived

Awaken Self Awareness

Explore your values and direction to accept yourself and flourish as a leader.

goal lettering text on black background

Develop and Achieve

Develop purposeful and meaningful goals for yourself and your organization knowing you can achieve them

Stay Energized

Manage your energy and prevent burn our and exhaustion

group of people in a meeting

Become the Positive Change Agent and Leader You Are

Tap into your compassion and empathy as you deliver results!

Still Hesitant?

I’m already hustling… does this mean I have to work harder?

No. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. It’s about identifying the right strategy, support, community and accountability for your journey to enable you to move towards your goals and know how to shift course as you need to. You’ll be stretching your thinking and be challenged way more that you challenge yourself on your own. Be prepared to go to the edge of your comfort zone – that’s where your next level lives! This will impact the actions you choose to take with your business and your life. Which helps you work smarter, not harder.

I needed a structured process to guide me towards the next leadership steps. Ghaya was extremely effective in identifying my traits, uncovering what provided me with positive vibes and what I should stay away from. Working with Ghaya was exactly what I needed. Her coaching assisted me in developing my next steps in my career whilst addressing some personal challenges. Her professionalism and knowledge gave me a real boost.

Zainab Allawati, CPA – Unit Head Large Corporate

Having established a new business venture, I was working on many strategies for positioning the offerings; Working with Ghaya was highly thought provoking and opened up various windows of possibilities; We moved from broadening the horizon of possibilities that led to the identification of focus areas. She helped me uncover my own solutions.

Dr. Khurshid Khan – Managing Director

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